For those who love bright colours and paintings from nature

An abstract requested by a client in Maleny to put in the bedroom of their new home.

Colours used: mint green, white, grey, pink, purple, yellow & orange.

122cm x 61cm

Another happy customer 😊

"Horses in the Mist" - 31.12.14 Oil

A 150cm x 100cm landscape painting based on a photo taken by the client in Bundaberg.

"Pink Glow" - 18.10.14
A 150cm x 100cm abstract painting (on linen canvas) has been commissioned by a client in Sydney using pinks and purples.
The painting is complete - and the client has taken delivery - "We love and the fact you did it makes it even more special. Not hung yet resting on bedhead. It changes with the light...x♥♥"

  • SOLD
"Purple Rain" Completed 20.9.14
A 1.5m x 1.5m painting of a Jacaranda, commissioned by a client in Sydney on 29.8.14.
Took 30 hours to complete, painted on a custom made stretched canvas with12oz linen and heavy duty stretcher bars.
"Whip Bird in Grevillea" April 2014:
A commission completed in April 2014 for a couple living in Brookfield with whip birds in the bush surrounding their home.
An acrylic painting, 5" x 7 1/2" on acrylic paper of a whip bird amongst the Grevillea.
"Steve's Big Fish" March 2014:
A commission completed in March 2014 for a client in Bundaberg. He spends a lot of time diving and spear fishing, and provided a photo of a school of fish to be painted.
I did an ink background to put some colour and movement into the background, used texture to build up the reeds on the left, and built up the colour of the fish using glazing techniques. 
"Skyrim" October 2013:
A commission completed in October 2013 for my son. He plays the Skyrim PS3 / computer game and presented me with a photo of this scene to reproduce. I was able to incorporate a lot of texture in the foreground mountains and trees, and glazed some purple into the background mountains, and green into the valley. I also added some dragons for effect! He was very happy with the finished painting!

"Mary's Red Poppies" September 2013:

A commission completed in Sept 2013 for a client in Perth, WA Australia.

Feedback from client:

"We just opened the painting and I LOVE IT. It made me cry it is so beautiful and just what I wanted. Pictures to follow. LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank You XXXXXX"